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We have a new website! Please go to this address to access it. ( 10 March 2008 )

FEDAGA is the representative body for allotments sites in Edinburgh and district. Our aim is to work towards a situation where allotments in Edinburgh are fully utilised and well-managed. FEDAGA also endeavours to prevent sites from being destroyed and to lobby for an increase in provision of allotments in the city.

Allotments are an important resource. Although a product of a bygone age, they are as relevant to the urban scene as ever. Outdoor exercise, fresh home-grown produce and the enjoyment of nature are just a few of the benefits of having an allotment. They are also vital Green Spaces which, with careful stewardship, will be a valuable legacy. It is FEDAGA's hope that future generations of plotholders will inherit a thriving community of allotments in Edinburgh.

FEDAGA also liaises with other bodies such as the Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society (SAGS) and the UK association The National Society of Allotments and Gardens. On a national level, through SAGS, we are involved in trying to initiate new legislation for allotments, so that they are less vulnerable to the threat of developers.

FEDAGA meets Council officials on a regular basis to discuss the management of sites and to deal with problems. In general we make some progress towards improvement of allotment provision and services, but the lack of resources, financial in particular, is often a hindrance.

The Federation Committee meets every six weeks and the AGM, which we urge all delegates or representatives from affiliated sites to attend, is held in October. FEDAGA can only be effective if it has actively involved members, so come along and have your say about the issues that affect us all. If you want to know more about the way FEDAGA is organised, have a look at the Constitution

FEDAGA's other main activities are:

The Flower Show, held in September.

Trading through the site shop at Inverleith. We do very good deals on seed potatoes, onion sets, fertilisers and garden sundries. By putting in block orders you get discount and your own site funds can benefit from a dividend at the end of the year. Ask your site rep for details.

Producing a regular newsletter which is distributed to all FEDAGA affiliated sites. Winter 2007 is now online (07/02/2007)

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  • Make sure the bed you prepare for the onion sets is very firm. Good onions will not form in loose or stony ground.

  • Feed the onions with a liquid manure during the growing season - up to the end of July. Stopping feeding at this point will prevent the bulbs from splitting.

  • Early in August, when the onions should be mature, draw the soil away from the bulbs. This exposes them to air and sun (if we're lucky!) and assists the ripening process.

  • When hoeing onions avoid breaking the foliage. The smell of bruised stems attracts onion fly.